Overview \ 娃哈哈青少年俱乐部简介

Wahaha Youth Club (WYC) was established in 2011. Under the supervision of the volunteer teacher, Mrs. Sherry Li, the club goal is to build a high quality Chinese language and culture education organization which is committed to improving the Chinese language ability for the youth and strengthening their social skills.


WYC founded a Chinese study group, which is volunteered in turns by parents. It was organized so students can learn to read Chinese language articles on various subjects every three weeks over past four years.


Since 2014, WYC organized the young students in the club to participate in an online summer reading contest founded by Ms. Zhixin Xiang. In this contest, the students are first tested on their Chinese vocabulary by practicing the correct pronunciation and meaning. Then they are required to read upwards of 100 essays selected from the winners of World Chinese Student Essay Contest. After reading the articles, they will be a 10 question test related to each article. The final scores would be evaluated and reported back to parents at end of summer.


For past five years, the Dance team, Singing team and the Poetry Recitation teams of Wahaha Youth Club has actively participated in the Chinese Language and Talent Competitions (CE competition) sponsored by Cultural Exploration of Greater China Foundation (CE), Confucius Institute of the State of Washington (CIWA), Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction World Languages Program (OSPI-WL) and Chinese Language Teachers Association Washington State (CLTA-WA). The Wahaha teams have won multiple group awards and gathered excellent results in individual poetry recitation, singing/dance talent show, and language arts contest.


Folk Dance training is the unique characteristic of WYC. Every year, the Folk Dance team performs traditional Chinese dances, such as the Descendants of the Dragon, Yangge Dance, Mongolia dance, and Xinjiang dance. Wahaha Folk Dance team earned the second place twice in CE competition for performing Yangge and Xinjiang dances. Wahaha Folk Dance team beat many of competitive teams from professional dance schools.

The Folk Dance team has been invited to participate in many performances, including Microsoft Chime Spring Festival Performance, Spring Festival Party of Sammamish Chinese School and international culture nights at several local elementary schools in Eastside.